About Casey

Casey Jahsman is a very interesting, kind, caring and unique individual. Born February 20, 1992 and raised in beautiful Hollister, CA.

Casey has always liked helping others, exploring all sorts of ideas, trying new things and has a genuine passion for building in all regards. Casey’s passion for all that he does is always influential, positive and inspiring.

Casey's interests are broad, he is a Fire Academy graduate who also enjoys skydiving, scuba diving, and more.  He has obtained many equipment operation licenses as well. He prides himself in dedicating 110% of his effort to whatever he is doing.

At the age of 2 when his parents were building a house Casey would run around picking up nails and hammering them into any piece of wood he could find. The next year on a very special Christmas day Casey received his first “man sized tool belt”, he remembers the moment very well – “I remember screaming A MAN SIZED TOOL BELT! I was overcome with joy, it was like the gods had given me the greatest gift ever”. As they say the rest is history, from there Casey built many things through his younger years. From firewood racks to tractor roll cages he tried it all, it's what he loves and he is darn good at it.

Casey never considered himself an artist and didn’t really consider building as a career until one day when he built an astonishing table from branches and scrap wood. Everyone who saw this table reacted with enlightenment and shock. Soon after Project Possible was born and quickly he began to sell one-of-a-kind creations and the business began to grow.